Stay Lit — enhance your yoga practice with this incense Meditation kit from Reverse Karma

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The sense of smell is strongly linked to memory and emotions. More so than any other sense. It strongly ties to our most primeval instincts, bringing them to the surface like foam rising above the waves. Ephemeral, short-lived, intangible, gone in the blink of an eye, and yet extremely intense. It’s not rare for us to find ourselves strongly reminiscing over heart-warming memories that have been brought up by a faint scent, remembering our childhood or our loved ones.

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I have always been an incense junkie or, should I say, a smell junkie in general. Most of the time I don’t notice, but my husband often catches myself smelling things or foods I’m experiencing for the first time. At the age of 16, burning incense in my room while reading a book (quite often on religious or spiritual subjects) was part of my everyday routine. In recent years, I would also burn incense occasionally at home or at my yoga studio back in Morocco, and my fascination with scents grew into other areas of interest, including essential oils and aromatherapy (a discipline I have actually been considering studying for a while.)According to Reverse Karma, their story “began with the energy to change the way we think, interact and be kind to others. The ideology behind Karma has been traditionally linked to negativity - and we are here to change that.” This translates into an array of wellness products that their team has drawn inspiration, motivation and encouragement from, with the aim of giving back and spread positive karma.

Enter Reverse Karma. I first learned about this brand carrying incense, resins, herbs, smudges, and related accessories when I received their Pyramid incense cones in a Yogi Surprise box. It’d been a while since the last time I burned some incense, and I was pleasantly surprised with their quality, so I set out to learn more about them.

Following my experience with their Pyramid cones, this time I’ve been extremely excited to team up with them to review their Stay Lit - Meditation kit.

The kit comes in simple packaging, without any unnecessary extra adornments, and it includes seven colored incense sticks (one for each one of the main seven chakras). These are hand dipped, use natural dyes only, and are said to burn for up to 1 hour, leaving a lingering scent for up to 3 hours. Each stick also comes with a suggested word prompt for meditation, namely Accept, See, Speak, Love, Do, Feel, and Be, according to the characteristics of their relevant chakra, and they feature differenI lit up “Accept” (Jasmine Scent) for my yoga practice yesterday, and as I sat down to begin with my pranayama (breathing) exercises, I could immediately feel the effects of the scent on my being. It had been a while since I had practiced with incense, and I found it strangely calming and settling, I could immediately feel myself more focused.

As I started my asana practice, I found myself experiencing a deeper connection, dotted with bouts of intense awareness as I held each pose, some slightly longer than usual, sinking deeper into my body and finding new subtle adjustments that, somehow, felt like they’d always been there just waiting to be accessed. This, of course, is something that happens with regular practice, as we evolve and grow and deepen our understanding of the Self. However, it doesn’t happen in every practice, neither is it an often occurrence. I feel like the sense of smell, drawing from these amazing sticks, playing an important role in keeping me centered and deepening my awareness.

My yoga practice on weekends is usually very long. Yesterday’s comprised about 15 minutes of pranayama, near 2 hours of asana, an 11 minute savasana, and a short 5 minute meditation. The incense stick finished burning halfway through, and the smell lingered softly until the end. One important thing that I noticed is that the scent wasn’t overwhelming or stuffy, and by the time I was done, the air in the room felt light and fresh.

The experience was so amazing that I am excited now to incorporate the remaining sticks into my next practices, and I’m looking forward to them. I am also very curious about their other products (sage, palo santo), which I would love to try soon!

If you’re interested in trying their incense sticks and supporting Reverse Karma in their mission to spread positivity, here is their website. They have also very generously provided me with a code for my social media followers — feel free to enter MINTYOGINI10 at checkout in order to get 10% off your entire purchase. (This code will expire on October 20th, 2019)

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. An affiliate link means I may earn referral fees if you make a purchase through my link using my code, without any extra cost to you. It helps support me and maintain this website. Thanks for your support.

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falling into the path of yoga

Most of us live our lives in a continuous free fall. Flapping our limbs around without control. Screaming as we precipitate into the abyss day, after day, after day... in a seemingly endless loop.

And then one day, we hit the ground. We make a soft landing.

And, as if waking up from a nightmare, we gasp and sit up. Our breath short and shallow. Droplets of cold sweat on our forehead. And that uneasy feeling that tells us we just dodged a bullet.

Then the breath calms. We shake it all off. We look around and, for the first time, we feel like we can actually see.

It’s as if, for a microsecond, everything slowed down, and we can take it all in. The coldness of the air as it passes through our nostrils. Our lungs as they expand. All the smells, the colors, the blinding light of the sun sneaking into the room through the space between our curtains.

And we finally A R E.

Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame.
— B.K.S. Iyengar

It’s been almost 9 years since I stepped into my first yoga class, on a cold London fall morning, without quite knowing what to expect. I was on a break from life, a runaway, some sort of modern day hermit, trying to find in physical movement the solace that I hadn’t been able to find in my shallow life, which had collapsed into ruins after my father’s suicide earlier that same year.

Let it be no shame in admitting that I was broken and lost, for don’t we all need to be lost first in order to find ourselves?

Little did I know that that yoga class on that particular morning was about to change my life forever.

So I stepped in the room and somehow followed along an Anusara Yoga class, confused when I couldn’t quite figure out or keep up with the sun salutations, yet making it a point to continue to move, doing my best to follow the teacher’s instructions, until the end. I honestly don’t remember what asanas we practiced that day. I don’t remember anything the teacher may have talked about. It’s all foggy, a whirlwind of confusion, but the vivid kind of it.

And then savasana came, and I laid there, on my mat, eyes closed, waiting for a cue that never came.

If there’s something I remember clearly it’s that, in this particular class, the teacher didn’t provide any instructions for savasana. I recall my mind racing, wondering what I was supposed to be doing, jumping through my thoughts at full speed and then coming up with some more, and then, all of a sudden, being sucked out of my body into the darkness.

Into a quiet place.

My mind stopped rambling and, as it did, I could almost feel a gentle tap on my temple, and a whisper in my ears: “Remember.”

And I remembered.

My whole life rushed in front of my eyes, just like they say it does when you realize you’re dying, but this was a whole other experience. A side of me that I had somehow forgotten along the way, spiritual me, had come back full force and was holding my head in place so that I couldn’t look away. Everything that I used to be, everything that used to matter came back in a matter of seconds that could have lasted for hours.

And when my awareness sank into my body again, I was a new person.

Or rather, I was a little closer to my old self, to the essence of my Self.

I walked home that day in a sort of magic spell that has never left me since. The realization that yoga is the path I was supposed to be on all this time. And the determination to never let it go again.

My free fall had come to an end. I had made a soft landing.

And so the journey began.