Yoga books on Amazon

I often get questions about the yoga books I recommend, so I'm thrilled to be able to share this product recommendation page, where you will find a selection of my favorite yoga books that include topics such as asana, anatomy, philosophy, and yoga for kids. I try to keep this selection up-to-date by including new shareworthy reads as I go. 

Because I often get asked questions about what yoga mat I use, and about the yoga wheel, I have also included recommendations for those.

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Mukhas Collection

The first time I received a mala from them (Coral Snake Mala), I could almost feel the energy hit me, wrapping me in a warm embrace as soon as I opened the lovingly sealed package. I have always found myself more drawn to malas made with rudraksha (either entirely or partially) over gemstone malas, and Mukhas never fails to provide an amazing combination of both. Their malas vibrate high, and feel authentic and traditional.

Additionally, they also carry bracelets, silver jewelry, gems (and gem sets!), yoga and meditation miscellaneous items, and a Mukhas home item selection.

And that’s not all, not only are their pieces beautiful, but Mukhas is committed to handcrafting them with love in a sustainable way, following a fair trade policy, and providing employment to female artisans. Their packaging is FSC certified, biodegradable and recyclable in all instances possible.

As my personal relationship with Mukhas has evolved, I have also had my daughters model their first My First Mala - Kids Pack, and I’ve had the pleasure to meet the founders for a lovely dinner together during their visit to Tokyo.

Access their shop by click on the image on the right, and enjoy 10% off your purchase with code MINTYOGINI10.

Liquido Active

Looking for buttery soft yoga wear that feels just like a second skin? If that's the case, you're in luck! Liquido Active is my favorite activewear not only for their beautiful vibrant and unique patterns, but because the quality of their products is one of the best that I've had the opportunity to try so far. The fabric of their leggings is stretchy and supportive without being constricting, and they're so lightweight that they feel as if you were wearing a cloud. They get bonus points for their efforts towards increasing the sustainability of their products and going eco-friendly on all fronts, ranging from manufacturing their products with a special biodegradable fabric (Amni Soul Eco®) and modal, to using Kraft paper, packaging stickers printed with soy-based ink, and compostable bags in their shipments. Enter code LARALIQUIDO at checkout to enjoy 15% off your purchase.

Pranamat ECO

If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen me post a million times about how much I love my Pranamat ECO, which I use regularly during my shavasana relaxation at the end of my personal yoga practice.

The Pranamat ECO is an acupressure mat whose spikes (or massage points) apply steady pressure to the relevant area of the body, triggering the release of endorphin and stimulating blood circulation, which results in an overall sense of well-being and is also an effective treatment of various types of muscular pain.

By clicking on the banner to access their website you can enjoy 10% off all of their products.