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the path

My name is Lara and I'm originally from Spain, though for the last 16+ years I have been living in other countries, including the US, Japan, a shorter stay in the UK, and a dream like yoga teacher training course in India, after which I landed in Morocco in May 2011, only to relocate back to Japan in February 2019.

Chandrini Yoga is the name of the yoga studio I owned in Morocco, and my personal brand. I've been practicing yoga since late 2009, and I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training course with Arhanta Yoga in May 2011. I have since also taken an additional 50 hr Yin Yoga training course with the same school in 2018.

I practice and teach Classical Hatha yoga based on my school's Sivananda inspired sequence, Yin Yoga and my own take of Vinyasa, with a strong Hatha flavor and relatively long holds. I place special importance on the breath, alignment, and helping my students understand each pose and its purpose.

I am fascinated with yoga philosophy and I'm always seeking to enhance my knowledge and deepen my understanding of it. Additionally, I also like to explore other styles of yoga that I'm not very familiar with, and I occasionally switch up my personal practice by including Ashtanga Primary Series sessions.

Visit my YouTube channel for in-depth yoga tutorials! I am currently exploring the 12 basic asanas featured in the Sivananda yoga sequence.

Watch this video to learn the classical Sun Salutation - this flowy sequence is a great way to warm up before your asana practice, as it tones and stretches the whole body. In addition, when practiced in synchronization with the breath, the sun salutation can do wonders to improve your focus and set a meditative mood for the rest of your practice. If the sun salutation is not in your practice yet, you're missing out!